About Us

Our history and philosophy

Our story

The co-owners of Shish, Stephane and Rana Grassi, are both passionate food-lovers. Born in Lisbon, Stephane’s Portuguese/French-Italian roots continue to inspire his love for food, and a strong background in hospitality and finance make him a stickler for detail. His talented wife, Rana, was born in Lebanon, and has enjoyed a career in both marketing and hospitality. Together, the couple have travelled the world, living in Milan, Florence, Dubai and now Portugal – with regular visits to Beirut to see family. On moving to Lisbon in 2017, Rana and Stephane seized the opportunity to bring the flavors and vibrant energy of Beirut’s street food to their new neighborhood.

The street food culture

Street food has gone mainstream. While in the past it was perceived as quick and cheap, these days authentic street food offers a culinary adventure for discerning palates in search of new flavors and foodie experiences that are nutritious and satisfying. Street food also speaks to culture and a laid-back way of life, so, when Rana and Stephane moved to Lisbon and couldn’t find authentic Lebanese street food, they decided to bring the glorious Middle Eastern flavours of Rana’s place of birth to Portugal.

Life should be healthy and tasty

While the concept of street food may have a reputation for being greasy fast-food on the go, the new trend has transformed the notion of street food – it’s about new flavors and discoveries, textures and tastes that honor a sense of place and also deliver on the health aspects desired by the modern consumer. At Shish, we strive to use the freshest ingredients, sourced from local sources, and we take pride in simple yet delicious meals that are executed to perfection.

Tradition meets Contemporary

Shish restaurant offers a wonderful mix of two worlds – Lisbon and Beirut; traditional cuisine and contemporary flair, age-old recipes and a cosmopolitan take on modern food trends. We believe in honoring yesterday and keeping in step with tomorrow and this is reflected in our menu, our style of dining, our attentive service and an atmosphere that speaks across boundaries, delivers on flavor and offers an immersive dining experience.

A word from our chef

Eating at Shish is an experience. We have been careful in crafting our menu to offer our customers the very best in traditional Lebanese street food, with a creative and contemporary flair. We take great pride in maximizing the contrasting and complimentary flavors so that every mouthful is designed to delight and invite customers to come back time and time again because they won’t find this culinary experience anywhere else in Portugal.

Chefe Hugo

The Restaurant

Designed by Charles Hadife Architects (renowned for the expression of traditional Lebanese architecture), the restaurant was inspired by the beauty and chaos of the streets of Beirut. The arches and domes, as well as carefully selected fixtures and strong use of color, take one immediately to the pavements of Lebanon, where great food and conversations take on a life of their own.